Corzo Silver Tequila Review

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The Corzo Tequila (Tequila Silver) arrived in a fantastically attractive bottle—minimalism at its best. Carzo hired a famous French designer that modeled the bottle after modern Mexican buildings. The end result is a unique bottle, a tall, rectangular bottle with a square angular spout that would look great in any bar. Being a fan of modern architecture and minimalism (striving for something I will never achieve is my best guess), I immediately set about researching Corzo and was impressed by what I read. It is made from the a special agave called the Blue Tequilana Weber Agave (named after the German scientist that declared it superior), uses twice as much agave as most tequilas (and removal of the bitter core) and slow cooked in modern steamers.

With bated breath, I tasted the tequila. It was smooth (but sill fiery since it hadn’t been tempered by oak), especially for silver tequila, with notes of lime, vanilla and white flower. While I don’t see myself sipping this on ice (that’s a tall order, even for the most amazing silver tequilas), it would make excellent mixing tequila. Corzon recommends serving it in their Chipotle Sangrita.

I will be happy to report back on the reposado and añejo when we come across them. I can only imagine how good they are and look forward to sampling them!

MSRP $40

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