Wine on a Budget – Volume II

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Beverages and More runs a five cent wine sale where it sells the consumer a second bottle of wine for five cents when buying the first bottle at full price. For a full disclaimer, I have never shopped this sale but I have friends who swear by it and they buy cases and cases of wine. In looking at some of the wine they have offered in the past, it appears that consumers can purchase decent everyday wine at a good price (given the discount). Without the discounts, Beverages and More can be a bit on the high side (but when they have deals, they can be steals).

Beverages and More is currently having one of their five cent sales. Since this is the first time that I have looked into their sale (and I will add the caveat that I elected to skip it), I made a few observations. First, many of the wines appear to be from their “selected partners” meaning wineries that make wine for them. While I acknowledge that I know nothing about their partners or the wines (the wines might be fabulous), I can get wines that I really like for the same price as their wines end up being on sale (and I don’t have to purchase two of the same wines). Second, it appears that the wine prices on the first bottle are on the high-side so you should do your research before purchasing. I recently purchased a bottle of lambrusco at another store for $5.99. I noticed that they had it on the five cent wine sale but the first bottle was priced at $11.99 so I ended up paying the same price for the same wine at another store and the wine was not on sale. Third, if there is a wine that you like, you should hit the sale early as it looks they quickly run low on inventory (this probably varies from store to store). Fourth, if you are looking for deals on high-end wine, I would skip this sale as the number of high-ends wines are few, if any.

For more info check out BevMo’s website.

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