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Sustainable Distilling

This article originally ran in May 2008 on Best of the Green Web.

The world is going green and the cocktail world is no exception.

Bartenders the world over are experimenting with locally grown, organic ingredients to showcase their craft. Distilleries are getting into the game as well, with organic product popping up in stores and bars everywhere. These socially conscious producers are also using new methods to distill, package and distribute their product in … Read more

Announcing DIY Cocktails!

We wrote a book!

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Give your guests brunch’s heaviest hitter
Carly Wray

This article originally appeared in

No offense to the Bellini, but on some Sunday mornings — you know which ones — peach fuzz and bubbles won’t cut through the haze. You need a Bloody Mary, the one steel-toed cocktail that can stand up to unholy sunshine and ESPN and Meet the Press. The next time you need to rally guests for a mid-morning meal, break out … Read more

Nightclub & Bar 2011 – Las Vegas

Last month, we packed up our bags and headed to Las Vegas for the 26th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention. We look forward to this every year, not just because its Vegas. We also look forward to seeing many of the unique products that help us get our drink on. Of course, it is Vegas!

This year’s show was filled with nightly parties at the Strip’s best nightclubs, a full education program for bar owners … Read more

Liquor Links

    Smirnoff & Pringles (icanhascheezburger) Cabbie Napkins (foodbeast) Elixr’s “Vodka salad” (mission mission) A Guy Walks Into A Bar (huffpo) San Francisco World Spirits Competition (drinkspirits) Quinn’s St. Georgy Distillery Article in Drink Me (LibationLab)
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Liquor Links

    The Sipping Seder – A site of Passover Cocktails Does the Perfect Bourbon Exist? – The Washington Post postulates All 68 NCAA Tournament Teams Ranked by Their Best Drunk College Food – Endless Simmer Fastest Bartender in the World – Zagat For alcohol brands, social media a stiff cocktail – CNet Six Pack Frame Cinch – The Awesomer Columbia Koozie Hoodie – Uncrate NY Times DIY Cooking Handbook. Sounds kinda like our new books DIY
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Rum Time

Grounded with homegrown spirits
By Gregory Dal Piaz

This article originally appeared in

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball. What’s the saying? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Well, I need something a bit stronger. You see, I had planned on sipping the rum fantastic in the Caribbean over the holiday break. Mother Nature and JetBlue had other plans.

So, snowed in and devoid of tropical drinks and ancient Rhum Agricole, I … Read more

St. Patrick’s Day Links & Drinks

St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t always a day of drinking but has now become one of the top holidays for imbibing. So, what to drink? Cocktails, duh. Green beer is fine, but green cocktails are finer. Enjoy our collection of green and Irish-themed cocktails.

    Best Irish Pubs in San Francisco (7×7) The History of Corned Beef & Cabbage (Foodista) St. Patrick’s Day Toasts And just for kicks, learn how to fold a dollar bill into a
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How To Pour A Perfect Guinness

First, you have to use the traditional tulip shaped British pint glass (about 20 oz). Hold the glass at a 45 degree angle to the tap and fill until the glass is about 2/3 full.

Next, let the Guinness settle for at least 3 minutes. Don’t forget about it though; nothing is worse than making a customer stare at their not-yet-served Guinness for too long.

Finally, top of the pint and let it settle once … Read more