What is Cinco de Mayo?

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May 5th marks the day that Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo to commemorate Mexico’s victory over the French in 1862. Interestingly, Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated in Mexico. Here are a few little known facts about Cinco de Mayo:

  • California started celebrating Cinco de Mayo in 1863 (with national celebrations in the United States starting in the 1940s)
  • Cinco de Mayo is credited with helping the Union win the Civil War (by preventing the French from assisting the Confederacy)
  • The Mexicans were outnumbered two to one

We here at DOTW also like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It gives us a great excuse to throw a party with delicious food and drink. Whip up some guacamole, tacos and mini burritos. The perfect accompaniment is the margarita (try a spicy version) or a cervesa (see the Michelada for a great take on beer).

Even more Cinco De Mayo drinks.

Disfrutar (enjoy)!

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