Wild Turkey 81 Proof Bourbon Review

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One of the six offerings of bourbon from Wild Turkey. The 81 Proof (or 80 as the website says but my bottle reads 81 Proof) is bottled at a slightly lower proof than the original Wild Turkey recipe and was created to offer a lower octane alternative with the same spicy kick as the original and the famed Wild Turkey 101. In addition to being bottled at a lower proof, the 81 Proof was also created as a blending bourbon, something to hold up to the mixer without overpowering it.

This spirit was crafted by Eddie Russell, the son of the famed Jimmy Russell, who has spent the last thirty plus years working with his father. With Jimmy’s permission, Eddie crafted this spirit for bartenders and home cocktail enthusiasts to shake and stir into the finest craft cocktails or into the best Turkey and Coke you can have. But to make sure the Wild Turkey continues to strut, Wild Turkey continues to use its specially charred American oak barrels from the Ozarks to age the bourbon, which is aged for 6 to 8 years and then blended.

Visually, the 81 Proof is clear with a pale amber-orange color. On the nose, the 81 Proof has a medium intensity of dates, dried fig, caramel, vanilla, rye, allspice and oak. On the palate, the 81 Proof has a pronounced flavor of caramel, butterscotch, sweet tobacco, dried fig, rye and oak. Medium plus finish.

The next time you need a mixing bourbon, get out your gun and hunt down this Wild Turkey. Try it in a hot toddy for fall when the weather turns chilly or add it to Coke for an easy bourbon and Coke.

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