Mojito and Collins Picks for the End of Summer

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Summer is on its way out but that doesn’t mean it’s time to whip out the hot drinks and sweaters just yet. The weather here hasn’t quite gotten the memo about the season change, so I’ve been inspired to drink collins- and mojito-style cocktails: tall, cool, light and sparkling.

Here are my picks for refreshing cocktails perfect for any season … but especially satisfying during this transition time:

Cucumber Basil Collins: Cucumber-infused gin and basil combine for a simple and satisfying drink.

Elderflower Sipper: St. Germain liqueur gives this one a lightly sweet touch of class.

Mojito: Sometimes, nothing beats a classic.

Tom Collins: Another trusted classic cocktail.

Grapefruit Rosemary Mojito: This unusual flavor combination brings a tasty twist to a familiar drink.

Strawberry Basil Mojito: Did I mention I love basil?

Of course, if you’re feeling the DIY spirit … make your own flavored syrup and use it in place of the simple syrup in a mojito or collins!

Find more tips for creating your own custom cocktails in our book, DIY Cocktails!

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