6 True Blood Inspired Cocktails

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We can hardly contain our excitement with the return of the bloody great True Blood! Our lives aren’t the same without Sookie and our favorite vamps from Bon Temps and Shreveport. And, who could forget about the fairies, witches, were-creatures and those werewolves.

The boys and girls of Bon Temps love their cocktails and spend a-lot of time at Merlott’s, the local waterhole ran by Sam, a shape-shifter that can assume the form of any animal. But, I guess if your town were over-run with super-natural beings, you might want to spend some time forgetting about the troubles that lay outside the walls of Merlott’s. Although, those troubles seem to land inside Merlott’s with an alarming frequency.

This summer, recreate Merlott’s or Fangtasia at your abode and invite some friends over for a drink (you can even get Merlott’s and Fangtasia shirts at hbo.com). We promise a few drinks will make the adventures of Sookie and company just a little bit better.  We recommend serving some of the following vampire and True Blood themed drinks:

  • True Blood:  like the vamps like to drink.  I like mine A/B negative.  But, there really is a True Blood soft drink and it’s actually pretty good.  True Blood is a blood orange drink that can be served to folks who aren’t in the mood for a cocktail or served with vodka.  And, the bottle looks just like the one on TV.
  • Bloodsucker: need we say more.
  • Lovin in the Covin:  in homage to those witches that had a rough time last season.
  • Faerie’s Nectar:  I don’t know if I would call it that after seeing what the faeries really look like.
  • True Blood: in homage to one of our favorite vampire series (in both print and on the TV).
  • Witches Brew: good for a crowd.

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