TRU2 Organic Gin Review

TRU2_Organic_Gin_smI cannot rave enough about TRU2 organic gin. Of all the organic spirits making their way to market lately, this one is the most impressive and unique.

Just looking at it you can tell it’s different. Most gins are clear because they are distilled twice — once before the herbs are added and once after. TRU2 is made with 14 botanicals and only goes through one distillation, which is why it has a distinctive amber color.

The makers of TRU2 say the single distillation and array of infused flavors are part of the original 16th century way of making gin.

I expected flavor overkill after reading the list of ingredients (juniper berries, fresh lavender, fresh lemon zest, angelica root, orris root, coriander seeds, cardamom, vanilla beans, cloves, fennel, cinnamon, allspice, chamomile and star anise). However, I was surprised with a smooth gin that was lightly infused with citrus and spice flavors.

When comparing it to Citadelle, a similarly priced gin of good quality, the differences go beyond color. TRU2 was far more layered and interesting, without tasting “flavored.” Citadelle is a fine gin, but when compared side by side I found it harsher and thinner next to TRU2‘s smooth taste and heavy mouthfeel.

A dry martini is the test of a good gin, and TRU2 passed with flying colors. Because of the citrus notes, I skipped the olives and went with a lemon twist. It was one of the best martinis I’ve ever had.

TRU2 Gin [Modern Spirits]

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