Tailor, New York City – Bar Review

Tailor - New York City On a recent trip to New York City, I visited Tailor, a restaurant and bar with some of the most amazing cocktails I have seen. The bartenders at Tailor practice the new trend of Molecular Mixology, creating cocktails made with ingredients like smoked Coke and orange foam.

I tried a drink called “Blood & Sand,” a concoction of scotch, cherry ale, vermouth and the aforementioned orange foam. My companions tried a drink called “Swedish Fish” that tasted like the famous candies. At Tailor, the drinks are art, every detail a critical step in the experience. One cocktail we tried was even served in vintage 1940s glassware. That touch gave it that extra bit of uniqueness.

Next time you are in New York City, I suggest you head downtown to Tailor for a cocktail or two.

525 Broome Street
New York City, 10013

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