Top Booze to Buy Your Boss

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The holidays are upon us. We know that most of you are expected to buy your boss a present for Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. We think that booze is the perfect gift to buy, unless your boss is a recovering alcoholic and booze only makes things worse.

To impress your your boss, you need to pick a spirit that is cool, but not too trendy. You need a bottle that is expensive enough without being too expensive. You need to make a good impression but not break the bank. You need to save that privilege for purchasing goodies for your significant other and kids!

Here are our top five picks for buying booze for your boss this holidays season (and they wouldn’t break the bank, clocking in at $30 or under (other than the Highland Park)).

  • Wild Turkey Bourbon. This is a top-notch Bourbon made by one of the best distillers in the country, Jimmy Russell. If your boss loves Bourbon, Mad Men or is a man’s man or needs to be, this is the bottle for him or her.
  • Bloom Gin. Not your typical Gin. If your boss is cutting edge or a secret mixology fiend, then surprise him or her with a bottle of Bloom Gin. This is a recent entry in the Gin category, which is heating up as talented mixologists whip up Pre-Prohibition cocktails and modern day concoctions. This is a floral forward Gin that plays well with other spirits and flavors!
  • Zaya Rum. A delicious Rum that drinks almost like a fine Brandy or Cognac. A blend of three to five wines that are aged 12 years in oak barrels. This is a unique rum that would make any boss happy. Great for sipping and whipping up cocktails.
  • Effen Vodka. This might tell your boss more about him or her than you want! But, this is a great Vodka – crystal clear clarity with bright texture and flavor. It would be hard to go wrong gifting the boss-man or woman a bottle of Effen. After all, it was made by bartenders for bartenders. How could it be bad.
  • Highland Park 18 Year (or 12 Year) Scotch. If you are on the boss’ bad side or in desperate need of making a good impression, then this is the booze for you. The Highland Park 18 is almost perfect – sublime integration of grain, oak, sea and peat. There is no way that your boss wouldn’t appreciate it!

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