Godiva Chocolate Vodka Review

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We received a bottle of Godiva Chocolate Vodka just in time for winter and the holidays! I don’t know what it is, but I love having a chocolate martini at the office holiday party. There is something festive, decadent and delicious about combining Vodka and chocolate (and in some cases, cream and Baileys too).

The great thing about the Godiva Chocolate Vodka is that the chocolate and the Vodka come combined. This means that making a chocolate martini couldn’t be easier or more chocolatey (depending on your preference). I mean, you can chill the Godiva Chocolate Vodka and serve it up in a martini glass. What could be easier. If you want to up the chocolate quotient, just add chocolate liqueur and mix. Delicious! Keep a bottle of the Godiva Chocolate Vodka on hand this holiday season to help you make the easiest drink ever.

The Godiva Chocolate Vodka is crystal clear with a nice viscosity. On the nose, the Vodka has a medium intensity of chocolate and cocoa. On the palate, the Vodka is smooth with a nice mouth feel (it doesn’t get the unpleasant viscosity that some Vodkas get when sugar is added) with a purity in the chocolate flavor. It’s almost like drinking a piece of Godiva chocolate. Long finish. Very good.

For a double dose of Godiva, try the Chocolatini! A perfect dessert for the sweet lover.

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