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Strawberry Basil Mojito

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This week we’re giving the classic mojito a Springtime twist! Mixology Monday XXXVIII is being hosted over at the Wild Drink Blog, and the theme is “Superior Twists.” The idea is add a twist to a classic cocktail that sends it over the top of cocktail goodness.

Strawberries and basil make a great combination—each has its own brand of sweetness. The two complimentary flavors are an ideal match for the light and refreshing mojito. What … Read more


Mimicking the look of classic candy corn, this dessert cocktail would be a sweet ending to an evening of Halloween marauding. Photo by YumSugar.… Read more

Piña Martinique

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Orange Bomber

Thanks, k2kidd!… Read more

Malibu Breeze

Thanks, Geri!… Read more

Mama’s Malibu Martini

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How low can you go?… Read more

Creepy Crawler Punch


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The rum Cosmo!Read more

American Pie

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