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Hot Toddy Helps Asthma

A nice reader sent us this wonderful note:

“You guys are truly life savers. My father is 75 years old with severe asthma. He is Irish and remembered a drink called a Hot Toddy that his grandmother used to make when he was sick. I typed in Hot Toddy and there you were. He is sleeping soundly and his wheezing has stopped. He is breathing easy.Thank you so much for being there…”

– Marilyn

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Cocktail Question – Counting Pours

Q: I wanted to know what kind of count you should use for 1/4 oz, 1/8 oz, 3/4 oz
For 1/2 oz. I usually use: one thousand
A: Basic rule of thumb in bartending is a 4 counts = 1 oz.

1 = 1/4 oz.
2 = 1/2 oz.
3 = 3/4 oz.
4 = 1 oz.
6 = 1 1/2 oz.
8 = 2 oz.

More on measurements… Read more

Cocktail Question – Drinks vs. Cocktails?

Q: What’s the difference in meeting for “drinks” and meeting for “cocktails”? What is the definition of a cocktail anyway?


A: Well in general meeting for “drinks” or “cocktails” is essentially the same. Both infer that you will be meeting over an alcoholic beverage. The words “drink” and “cocktail” do have different meaning. “Drink” is both a noun and a verb, it refers to all drinks, both with or without alcohol. “Cocktail“, however, … Read more

What Does ‘Float’ Mean?

As in “floating” alcohol in a drink.

Floating means to pour gently on top of the drink. Floating refers to the fact that you want the liquor to “float” on top of the other ingredients. You also don’t stir a drink after adding a float.… Read more

Up Drinks

Q: What does it mean when a bartender asks if you would like your martini “up”?

A: If refers to serving the drink without ice, as in “straight up.” No ice is also referred to as “neat.”… Read more

To Squeeze or Not to Squeeze

Q: I’ve been a bartender for 30 years. Some new bartender insists on squeezing the lime. I say don’t squeeze it, let the customer decide if they want to add the flavor of a squeezed lime.

A: Personally, I agree. Better to not ruin someone’s drink, if they want to squeeze the lime, there it is, just waiting. No problem.… Read more

1.75 liter bottle

Q: How many mixed drinks can you get from a 1.75 liter bottle?

A: A 1.75 or “handle” contains about 59 oz of liquor. Typically 1 oz = 1 shot = one serving of booze. You can get about 59 1-oz drinks out of the bottle, but it really depends on how you are pouring. Go here for more on measurements.… Read more

Virgin Martini

Q: Is there a way to make a virgin or non-alcoholic Appletini and/or Martini?

A: Unfortunately, no, there isn’t. A virgin Martini wold be a very empty glass—the ingredients are vodka, gin, and vermouth). You could make a virgin Appletini, but that would just be apple juice.… Read more

Blue Curacao – What Is It?

Q: What is blue curaçao?

A: Blue Curaçao is an orange-flavored liqueur made from curaçao oranges and then colored blue. The clear version of curaçao is commonly called triple sec. Curaçao comes in many other colors as well.… Read more

Gin vs. Sloe Gin

Q: What is the difference in taste, composition, etc. between sloe gin and regular gin?

A: Sloe Gin is a liqueur made from the sloe berry, while gin is an alcohol distilled from grain and flavored with juniper berries. The alcohol content of Gin is much greater than that of Sloe Gin and Gin is clear in color while Sloe Gin is red.… Read more

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