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Preparing Drinks in a Blender

Mixing Drinks in an electric blender can be tricky. Not enough time and the cocktail is not mixed well, too much and it turns to slush. Here’s how we do it. Of course, you may need to adjust depending on your blender. Typically, you are goin gto use a bleder in drinks involving fruit, cream, eggs and that are frozen.First, add 1 scoop of ice (about 1 cup) to the blender. Next, add you ingredients … Read more

How Much Ice Do I Need?

Ice is the most important ingredient for any party. You’ll not only need lots of ice to cool down bottles of beer (or a keg) white wine and sodas, but you need it for mixed drinks as well. The good news is that ice is cheap, so buy lots of it.

We recommend getting at least pound of ice per person. This should make for a cool event.

more Party Planning tips …… Read more

What is a Standard Shot – Part 2

This is a great question as it causes a ton of confusion amongst bartenders and the home mixologist alike. According to most, a standard shot is 1 ½ fluid ounces. This is also commonly known as a jigger. If you are counting at home, that’s a 6 count.

But wait! There are a few other types of shots:

– A 1-ounce shot is known as a pony
– A double shot is 3 ounces

The … Read more

The Most Fattening Cocktails

Forbes, the magazine famous for lists, has put out a list for us all to remember as we dive into the holidays. As you know, I am a big fan of cocktails and mixology. That said, they do have some calories, so proceed with caution. Remember that booze has quite a few calories, even in small amounts. A 1-ounce shot has as many calories as a beer. Wow, who knew? Of course, not using … Read more

How Much Is Enough?

This is a question I get asked quite a bit. What and how much do you buy when planning a cocktail party?

You don’t want to run out of anything, but you don’t want to be stuck with 6 bottles of cinnamon schnapps either. Hopefully our little guide will help you out when planning your next party. Plan for each guest to have 4 drinks over the course of an evening. The four drinks might … Read more

10 Steps to Making Great Cocktails at Home

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This is an essential list to follow if you want to make tasty cocktails. These may seem like nobrainers, but lots of us cut corners. Don’t! Unless you want your guests or even your SO to think you can’t make a tasty cocktail. In this game, never skimp on quality and freshness.

When making drinks at home, remember the special ones and try to duplicate them. The photo on the left is one of my … Read more

Men Can Drink More Alcohol than Women Can

According to 20/20, this is not just a sexist myth. Men are biologically better equipped to drink more than women. Take that ladies. 😉

Turns out us guys have more of an enzyme in the lining of our stomachs that, when it sees alcohol, begins to metabolize it immediately. This means that only about ½ of the alcohol men drink gets into the blood stream. Ain’t science fun? Thanks, John Stossel!

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Sweet & Sour Mix

What is it?

There is quite a bit of confusion over what this stuff is, yet tons of drinks call for it. Basically, Sweet & Sour Mix is sugar syrup combined with lemon juice, lime juice or both.

To make mix 3 parts sugar and two parts water, heat gradually to let the sugar disovle, then let the mixture cool. Once cooled add 1 part juice and mix well. This should last a few weeks … Read more

Cocktail Question – Standard Shot

Q: Is a standard shot 1 oz or 1 1/2 oz. I have been bartending for a while and I can get the count but I am not quite sure the amount I am pouring.

thanks, Shawn

A: I use a six count which should come out to 1 1/2 oz.

part 2 … Read more

Reader Opinion – Shaken or Stirred

We get a lot of email, we though t we should start sharing. This is from Shane

“According to old school bartenders, and in fact good bartenders, Manhattans, and Gin or Vodka martinis should never be shaken. Only drinks with fruit juice. According to Pat the old school bartender I work with, shaking said drinks does not allow the flavors to blend and give that smooth taste, it only makes them colder so you cannot … Read more

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