Saladini Pilastri 2009 Rosso Piceno – Wine Wednesday

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Whether planning for a special holiday celebration or a casual weekday dinner, it is always great to find a way to save money on wine. That’s why each Wine Wednesday pick is a wine purchased for $10 or less. Today we are showcasing the Saladini Pilastri 2009 Rosso Piceno which only cost $8.99.

This wine is a blend made from Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes. It has a lovely medium ruby color. There are aromas of blackberry, dried roses, pepper, cedar, and black currant. Once tasted, all those flavors are there along with plum, some earthiness, and balanced tannin and acidity. It has a nice moderate alcohol level of 13%.

Saladini Pilastri winemaking tradition dates back several centuries. The current winery was built in the 1970s which is when new grape vines were planted and modern production began. Since 1994, all the wine has been made from organically grown grapes.

The winery and vineyard are located near the town of Spinetoli in Ascoli Piceno located in the Marche region of Italy. If you haven’t heard of the Marche region of Italy, don’t worry; great wine is made in every region of Italy.

It’s a great reminder to be open to trying wines from unfamiliar regions or with unfamiliar names. Be daring and try something you haven’t heard of before. You may just find a new favorite. I know I did.

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