Camus XO Borderies Review

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Most years, I buy my Dad a nice bottle of Cognac for the holidays – it’s become a family tradition.  My Dad lives in Wisconsin where Brandy is a religion and what could be better than Brandy than really fine Cognac (or Armagnac).  But, truth be told, my Dad often enjoys his Korbel as much as fine Cognac.  Not only do Wisconsinites love Brandy, they love their Korbel. 

I am always on the lookout for a great Cognac to give him and I found one – the Camus XO Borderies.  Camus has been a family business since 1863, controlling everything from the growing of grapes to the distillation of the Cognac.  Camus is also famous for having it’s vineyards in Borderies, France, one of the smallest growing areas in Cognac, known for imparting floral and nutty aromas and flavors.  The XO is an aged Cognac that ages for at least six years and sometimes as long as twenty.

Crystal clear with a medium plus amber color with orange highlights.  On the nose, medium plus, developing intensity of apples, pears, orange, dried fig, violet, iris, vanilla, spiced baking spices, cedar, butter, hazelnut and brine.  On the palate, high acid, full bodied, pronounced flavors of dried apples, pear juice, orange rind, dried fig, violet, iris, mocha, hazelnut, almond and salinity.  Long, spicy finish.  Excellent.  Complex, layered Cognac that is decadent in body and flavor.

This Cognac should be drunk like fine Scotch – served neat or on ice.

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