Red Carpet Cocktails For the Oscars

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The Academy Awards will celebrate its 84th year tonight during the annual Oscars ceremony which is set to honor some of today’s biggest and brightest stars. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite, for the funniest or for the underdog, this is a night where glitz and glamour take the front seat and we’ve got some drinks to help you join right in. 

Silver Screen Punch — if you’ve got a party planned, this is the perfect punch for film fans.
The Starlet —  starfruit and tequila make this cocktail sweet and strong!
The Thin Man Martini —  pay homage to a classic movie with a classic drink.
Golden Glamour — this bright cocktail is super easy to make and delicious, too.
The Red Carpet — a vodka drink that’s the same color as its name!
Take Me Out To The Moneyball-Game — get in the awards season game with a cocktail with Cracker Jacks. 
Hacking Salander —  get into gear with this absinthe cocktail with a kick.

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