Preparing Drinks in a Blender

blender.jpgMixing Drinks in an electric blender can be tricky. Not enough time and the cocktail is not mixed well, too much and it turns to slush. Here’s how we do it. Of course, you may need to adjust depending on your blender. Typically, you are goin gto use a bleder in drinks involving fruit, cream, eggs and that are frozen.First, add 1 scoop of ice (about 1 cup) to the blender. Next, add you ingredients (booze, fruit, cream, etc…) according to the recipe. Secure the lid (this may seem trivial, but ya never know) and blend on low for 10 seconds. Let sit for a second and then blend on high for 10 seconds. At this point it should be done. If the cocktail is still a bit think blend it for 5 more seconds, but that is it. Pour into the chilled (this is critical) galss of you choice. Garnish and serve.

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