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Preparing Drinks in a Blender

Mixing Drinks in an electric blender can be tricky. Not enough time and the cocktail is not mixed well, too much and it turns to slush. Here’s how we do it. Of course, you may need to adjust depending on your blender. Typically, you are goin gto use a bleder in drinks involving fruit, cream, eggs and that are frozen.First, add 1 scoop of ice (about 1 cup) to the blender. Next, add you ingredients … Read more

How to Drink Brandy

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Q: What is the best way to drink brandy?

A: Brandies, including fine Cognacs and Armagnacs can be enjoyed many different ways. One of my favorites is the classic sidecar, a refreshing blend of brandy, lemon/lime and triple sec.

If you have a cheap bottle (not recommeded) mix it with something, anything. Here’s a few drink recipes made with brandy. In some places, brandy is used instead of whiskey in many drinks. In Wisconsin, Old … Read more