Nightclub and Bar Convention 2010

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Despite the sobering effect of the current economy this year’s Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show was once again a reason to celebrate an industry built by the hardy entrepreneurs who made America great. In this spirit, the exhibitors and speakers this year showed that despite adversity the future is bright.

This year saw many specialty products aimed at creating a more interesting cocktail experience. From the naughty Filthy Food, with their conversation starting olives, to hometown San Francisco boys Bridge Brands Whiskey Lovers Chocolate the show was full of exciting new ideas meant to make your favorite libation shine. Of interest, and perhaps a sign of the times, instead of the dozens of energy drinks of years past this year saw products such as Dream Water meant to slow us down and mellow out. Whatever gets us through the night as they say.

Beyond the accouterments there were plenty of excellent spirits in attendance along with those who know how to mix them. Of special note our friend Bobby G. made us one of the best Manhattans ever. I won’t go into details but when you have one of the best mixologists making you a cocktail at an event like this you can’t help but feel special. We’ll be writing some reviews of a few of the outstanding liquors that we experienced at the show.

Although I’m not usually one to lather praise on celebrities, having Dan Aykroyd promoting his unique Crystal Head Vodka was definitely a highlight. Here is a guy who is not only entertaining but just about as down-to-earth as you can get. Mexican coffee is my new favorite—thanks, Dan!

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