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Nightclub and Bar Convention 2010

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Despite the sobering effect of the current economy this year’s Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show was once again a reason to celebrate an industry built by the hardy entrepreneurs who made America great. In this spirit, the exhibitors and speakers this year showed that despite adversity the future is bright.

This year saw many specialty products aimed at creating a more interesting cocktail experience. From the naughty Filthy Food, with their conversation starting … Read more

Wine Bottle Thermometer

There are so many fun gadgets associated with drinking! Here’s a fun one for the wine geeks — a wine bottle thermometer.

It has markings for the optimal serving temperature for different varieties of wine. So no more wondering how cold that Gewurtztraminer should be.

And, hey, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a special wine fridge!

Wine Bottle Thermometer @ Crate and Barrel… Read more

Beer Arcade

If you have an extra $7,000 to spend, you might want to consider the Octane 120 Driving Arcade. While we absolutely do NOT condone drinking and driving … drinking and gaming is OK.

So stick a keg in back and get ready to play. The arcade comes with a gaming PC or console system, projector and projection screen in addition to accommodating your lazy, beer-drinking needs thanks to a keg in back and a tap … Read more

iBreath, the iPod Breathalizer

The ultimate iPod accessory, the iBreath, aims to keep us all safe with an easy to use breathalyzer for the iPod and iPhone. The small device attaches to the iPod’s charging port, needs no additional power and even doubles as an FM Transmitter to stream your tunes in the car.

Some drink driving prevention advocates say that the iBreath may be misused and allow drunk driver to “practice” taking a breathalyzer. There will always be … Read more

A Gift for the Impatient Drinker

The Wine and Liquor Accelerator claims to age a drink three years in 10 seconds and 20 years in three minutes. So if you’re too impatient to let your wine or spirits breathe before drinking … maybe let it sit for one three seconds?

Could this be the cheapest way to enjoy perfectly aged booze during times of belt-tightening?

Wine and Liquor Accellerator @ SkyMall… Read more

Get a Grip on Your Wine Glass

The always-enchanting Fred & Friends does it again. This time it’s the Get a Grip! snap-on wine glass holder.

Holding your glass by the stem (so as not to affect the temperature) can be slippery business.

Aside from helping you hang on to your glass, the color-coded holders also help you remember which one is yours.

Get a Grip @ Fred … Read more

Budweiser’s USB Beer Drive

Joel over at Boing Boing Gadgets found the perfect piece of schwag, this USB drive filled with beer! Well, even if it is just colored liquid with that foams, this USB drive is way cool. You too can be the talk of the trade show. CNK promotions will slap your logo on a few as 250 of these tipsy drives.… Read more