New Years Eve Survival Tips

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New Years Eve is upon us, several nights where we can all let loose and still have a day to recover. I thought we should take a moment to cover the basics for survival of all the drinking to ensue.

First, an article on mixing great drinks at home, not only will this help stretch your drinking budget, but using fresh mixers and premium spirits will help to ease that New Year’s Day hangover. If you want to really get serious download the kindle version of our book DIY Cocktails on Amazon.

Don’t know how much liquor to buy for your party? We’ve assembled an easy to follow cocktail party check list just for you.

Drink recipes? Maybe a Martini? We’ve got tons of cocktails to choose from, you all know that. We suggest picking 2 or 3 to make.

Batching is good way to go for parties.

What’s next, where to go what to do, for that we like Yelp. Real reviews from real people, so take them with a grain of salt. Be careful of the pricey party and the VIP upgrade. It is never as good as it sounds.

Once you are out remember to drink responsibly, it is bad form to be out of control drunk, and not classy either. A Handy way to gauge your consumption is this blood alcohol chart. Print it our and take it with you. Use these as tools to as a reality check while drinking and if you plan to drink anything, just don’t drive. Many cities provide free transit and taxis on New Year’s Eve, so take advantage.

What about New Years Day?

Hangover Helpers come in all varieties, some you wouldn’t imagine. We haven’t tried them all, so be careful and remember the best hangover cure is to not over do it. To fill your belly while watching the game, we’ve got some easy to make snacks.

Champagne Cocktails are great for the left over Champagne, we discuss in this post.

Remember to be safe out there, stay alert and have fun!

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