Happy National Coffee Day

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It’s time to get your buzz on and for once we don’t mean with booze (but, honestly, coffee and booze are a pretty good combo). September 29th is National Coffee Day so it’s time to get caffeinated!

In honor of National Coffee Day, we have been scouring our minds and the web for some fun coffee facts!

The top coffee drinkers in the world are the Americans, French and Germans. According to Yahoo Answers, the British drink the most coffee liqueur. Hm! I have to say that I am not too shocked by that as the Brits seem to love their booze.

To keep with the booze theme, over 35 varieties of coffee liqueurs exist. The most famous being Kahlúa, Tia Maria, Starbucks and Patron Coffee XO. The most intriguing being the Evil Monk (who can resist with a name like that? If you find a bottle and are so inclined, send one our way).

My favorite new quote also relates to coffee and came to me via a recent Kahlúa event. Apparently, the Espresso Martini came to be when a super-model requested that the famed Dick Bradsell at the Pharmacy Restaurant and Bar in Notting Hill London make her a drink that would “wake me up and fuck me up.” I would say that the Espresso Martini certainly accomplishes its mission!

We also recently learned that a coffee tasting is called cupping. When I found that out, I was a little disappointed as coffee cupping sounds a bit dirty (if you know what we mean) and also brings to mind visuals of folks being cupped (via the Chinese medicine method) with coffee running all over.

Do you know what country exports the most coffee? We do. It’s Brazil, one of my favorite countries in the entire world. And I had some damn fine coffee there too (but, honestly, the best coffee I had was in Israel).

Here are a few more coffee tidbits and tips for you:

  • When you use coffee in your cocktails, cold brew it for the best results. Coffee beans are called cherries. The darker the roast, the lower the amount the caffeine.
  • If you get to San Francisco, go to the Buena Vista and try the original US Irish Coffee (which was reportedly imported straight from Ireland), which has been a San Francisco institution since 1952. If you are flying on United through SFO, you can also get one at the airport!
  • The most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak, comes from Indonesia, and is brewed from beans that have been eaten, digested and, well, you know, by the Asian Palm Civet. So basically beans picked from cat poop. Fancy, jungle cat poop! This stuff can run you $75 a cup.
  • for even more on coffee check out I Love Coffee

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