A Night In Vegas

I was recently in Vegas for a whirl wind 30 hours to attend Blogworld with the FM crew. After landing and attending the show, we set out to try some of the bars on the strip (there are a few).

First stop, the Irish Pub at NewYork NewYork for a few pints of Guinness (duh!). Next, we paused at a very tired cocktail lounge off the casino at the Excalibur. Trying to keep it simple, I ordered a round of martinis (2 olives, 2 twists), which caused the bartender to look at me and ask, “Is this going to be whole thing?” I thought a Vegas bartender could handle making four martinis, but I guess the “busy” Thursday afternoon was a bit overwhelming for her.

Having enough of the medieval surroundings, we sauntered over to the Luxor, where they have nicely redone the center bar. There, I started on the “power curve” and had my first Red Bull & vodka of the night. How they brought our drinks was interesting—we were served a vodka on the rocks and a can of red bull (a $4 can!). Too funny. Then we were off to Mandalay Bay and more Red Bull & vodkas, which bar we were at? I have no idea – heh.

Obviously, It was getting time for some food. We headed over to the Hard Rock for dinner for a wonderful meal, and a few more cocktails. Then we were off to the Blogworld party also at the Hard Rock.

There, I had the pleasure to meet Jason Falls who explores social media for Jim Beam Brands and writes a blog about social media. Jason has been introducing us to Beam family of brands which includes Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Sauza Tequila and many others. Watch out for more great recipes and content to come.

After a few hours at the party, we retired to the blackjack tables. Being a Thursday night it wasn’t too busy, so the four of us had our own table. It also meant we always had a drink if we needed it. What a great day to wind down a prefect night in Vegas.

Photo by Jason Falls.

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