Midori Melon Liqueur Revew

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Midori debuted in 1978 in New York’s famed 54 Club with none other than John Travolta in attendance.  For the next nine years, Midori all but disappeared and could only be purchased in Japan until it was relaunched onto the public market in 1987.  Midori is made by Suntory and it’s made ingredient is a special variety of honeydew melon that is grown in Japan.

Many of you may recognize Midori by it’s bright green color and melon aroma.  It’s no coincidence that Midori means green in Japanese.  I can’t think of a liqueur that is “greener” than Midori with it’s intense bright green color.  Midori is popular in green drinks.  It’s also an easy drinking liqueur and a favorite among new drinkers.  There is nothing quite like your first Midori Sour.

Here is the tasting note for Midori:

Appearance:  Clear, bright, medium kelly green with viscous legs.

Aroma:  Clean, unaged with a medium intensity of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, green apple jolly rancher and banana.

Palate:  Sweet with a full, luscious body with youthful, medium plus flavor characteristics of fruit with candied honeydew melon, candied cantaloupe and green apple jolly rancher.  Medium length with a simple, clean finish.

Grade:  Good.  This is a simple, straight forward liqueur that reflects its melon characteristics.  Good for mixed drinks, especially ones with sour to balance the liqueur’s sweetness.

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