May Is National BBQ Month!

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Whether it’s the brighter, sun-filled days that are finally beginning to last a little longer or the cool, three-day Memorial weekend, the month of May brings a lot of reasons to celebrate! While the notion of juicy, mouth-watering barbeques might conjure up images of beers, meat and merriment on a sweltering day in June, it’s actually May that has the honor of being National Barbecue Month.

Barbeques, while endlessly popular and necessary during the hot, summer season, are mostly done by people in the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia with regional variations among them all. For example, the term barbeque in Britain refers to the fast-paced, high-temperature technique of cooking food directly over heat while in America the term refers to a slow-paced process using high but indirect heat or smoke, similar to roasting. 

Regardless of the way you choose to barbeque this month, we encourage you to keep a cocktail nearby at all your cookouts. This year it’s all about cool drinks with fresh, seasonal ingredients and great flavors that compliment your yummy meal. There’s still time to try out some of our best spring recipes including a refreshing Basil Mojito and Sparkling Spring Punch.

Let us know what spring cocktails you’ll try out during National BBQ Month!

Image courtesy of by Melissa Carroll/istock

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