Beer Review: Big Daddy IPA

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With finals right around the corner, fun and frivolous social outings are put on the back burner. I can’t imagine a better time for a beer or two. I’ve always heard great things about Speakeasy Brewery. Considering both the brewery and myself are located in San Francisco, I thought it would be almost like I was there if I reviewed one of their ales for this week’s blog!

I was able to pick up a six-pack of Big Daddy IPA at my local Lucky’s supermarket and oh, what a lucky find this was. Big Daddy is quite different than many of my favorite IPA’s. Up front, the pale amber ale is a sneak attack of hops; I would be lying if I didn’t say it takes you by surprise. However, the ale quickly mellows out and, as the bottle says, “leaves the scene without a trace.”

My favorite thing about Big Daddy is that the ale retains a crisp flavor that does not weigh the ale or the drinker down. IPA’s can easily cross the line into the territory of overpowering and heavy, but this one does not. Several sips in, I became aware of the ale’s soft floral aroma which is not overbearing. The ale is a dichotomy of mouth punching hops and smooth, calming malt, which ultimately creates a delicious and well-balanced beer.

I found this beer to be refreshing and unique to the world of IPAs. For this reason, I would say that Big Daddy IPA is outstanding. I think this ale could be enjoyed with all foods and friends as well as the perfect addition to a summer cookout. I recommend that all San Franciscans do it the right way, and head down to the brewery to get a Big Daddy on tap. When finals are over, I know where to head.

Speakeasy Brewery is located at 1195 Evans Avenue, San Francisco Ca, 94124

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