March Mix Madness: The Vodka Sectional

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Tired of the same old bracket where you don’t get to make your own choice? Don’t agree with everyone else’s choices? I hear you loud and clear, that’s why for the next four weeks, we’re going to create the ultimate barkeep bracket that’s sure to leave a great taste in your mouth when it’s all said and done! It all begins with our four sectional brackets — Vodka, Gin, Whisky and Tequila. In each sectional, I will present to you four of the most delicious D.I.Y. creations and instead of us declaring the winner; you break the shaker out yourself and let us know who reigns supreme!

Let us begin with the Vodka Sectional Bracket!

#1] The Pineapple Martini
Appletini, Screwdriver and Lemon Drop lovers take note, there’s a new simple pleasure in town! March Mix Madness’ number one seed is one of the less complex cocktails in the bracket, but if the proof is in the glass, this is one unbeatable combination. The simple syrup runs the point across the floor and has two unbeatable weapons to feed your taste buds — premium vodka and pineapple. This is a dominating combination that packs such a punch even the most potent of flavors bow down to the perfect triangle offense this drink brings time after time. 

#2] Italian Sparkling Citrus Punch
There are many great ways to take a Spring party up a notch and vodka is right at the top of that list. But, when you mix a bottle of Processco into a punch bowl along with Meyer lemon, limoncello and vodka, you’re on a whole different level. The dream team of mixed elements join forces to make an incredible Springtime cocktail destined for greatness! As a bonus, if you love Italian/Water Ice, use these ingredients to make this into a delectable icy treat! 

#3] Screwed Up Screwdriver
Don’t let the number three seed fool you, this drink is not only tasty, but it’s a work of modern art! The Screwed Up Screwdriver perfectly illustrates the battle of good vs. evil with the bright and beautiful orange juice at the bottom of the dark, menacing vodka resting above it. It almost looks too breathtaking to drink, but when you do you’ll never look at vodka the same again.

#4] Toasted Coconut Colada
Last but certainly not least is the classic Toasted Coconut Colada! Take your standard pina colada, create your own homemade sour mix and add two ounces of toasted coconut for a Colada fit for island royalty.  The addition of fresh ingredients keep this from being your average Colada and this smooth tropical escape will keep our weekends under the sun surrounded by pure bliss.

These are your four choices, everyone. Start your mixing and let us know which one of these fantastic cocktails should be cutting down the net!

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