Enjoy Some Irish Cheer With Irish Beers!

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Even if you lack true Irish heritage, I think we can all agree on the “musts” of St. Patrick’s Day: 1. You must wear pinch-proof green, and 2. You must drink good Irish beer.

So, here is a list of beers to try on Saturday, or any other day, that will truly bring out your “Irish smile.”

Magner’s Irish Cider
While Magner’s is not a beer, it is a hard cider. This cider is a slightly sweet and fruity beer alternative. I think it would be best as a starter drink. This cider is reminiscent of the classic celebratory drink, Champagne. So start the night of right with a toast and a glass of Magner’s Irish Cider.

Murphy’s Red Ale
Murphy’s Red Ale is refreshing with a clean, crisp flavor and feel. This malty ale is light-to-medium bodied, making it the perfect round two beer choice. I love the dry finish of this beer and it sets you up perfectly for the next one on the list!

Smithwick’s Irish Ale
“Ireland’s oldest ale” has been a long time favorite of mine. It is a bit more full-bodied than Murphy’s Red Ale, but just as smooth. This ale also possesses the malty flavors of a traditional ale, but with a slightly cleaner finish. This ruby red delight should not be missed.

Guinness Foreign Extra
If you haven’t had a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, it means you must be living under a rock. If you haven’t had a Guinness Foreign Extra, it means you need to have one ASAP! Foreign Extra is a Stout that has diverged slightly from the classic Guinness Stout by adding a mellow caramel flavor and a higher concentration of carbonation, all while keeping a rich sweet finish. The hops deliver a strong bite in the beginning, but it finishes with a smooth coffee taste. Although this beer is 200 years old, it is new to me and I highly recommend it!

Whether you are a light beer fan, a dark and full-bodied beer lover or a happy medium beer drinker like me, this list should have something for you. 
So do as the Irish do and enjoy some Irish cheer in the form of beer! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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