March Mix Madness: The Gin Sectional

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Welcome to the Gin Sectional of our March Mix Madness. Once again, I will present to you four of the most delicious D.I.Y. creations and instead of us declaring the winner; you break the shaker out yourself and let us know who reigns supreme!

1] Sugar & Spice Martini
When you think gin, you think Martini, so what better way to top off this bracket than the Sugar and Spice Martini. Get the warm, fall flavor from a fresh apple cider, the zest of fresh orange mixed with your favorite gin and finished with a burst of brown sugar and you have the perfect evening Martini.

#2] Summer Gin Punch
Summer is right around the corner and you’re going to need a cocktail to beat the heat. Lucky for you, the Summer Gin is right here. Using gin as your base, add an exciting blend of fruits, maraschino liqueur and your favorite sparking soda to create the ultimate summer libation.

#3] Pome ‘n Tonic
Looking for the perfect, refreshing Gin and Tonic replacement? Look no further than our number 3 seed, the Pome ‘n Tonic. Using Pama pomegranate liqueur, lemon juice, orange bitters, tonic water and your favorite gin, you’ll have a delectable classic with a pomegranate twist.

4] The Bee’s Knees
To round out our eclectic field, we take it back to a prohibition era favorite that while simple in ingredients is as satisfying as can be. Two parts gin, 1 part honey syrup and 1 part lemon juice creates the perfect honey-soaked cocktail that will leave you buzzing.

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