Maker’s Mark in Photos – The Ambassador of Bourbon

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Attention Maker’s Mark and bourbon fans!  Acclaim Press has recently released The Ambassador of Bourbon – a photographic journey that chronicles the magic occurring in Loretto Kentucky.  The lush photos examine the distillery during the day and night, in summer and winter.  The journey begins with the grain (corn, wheat and rye and with a heavier use of wheat than most bourbons, which provides the soft tones that Maker’s exhibits) as it ferments, forms the mashbill and is distilled into what will eventually become liquid gold.  A simultaneous journey occurs with the barrels as the cooper assembles, steams and then chars the wood to Maker’s exacting specifications. The photos then document the perfect marriage of liquid and barrel, including a spectacular photo of the unaged alcohol pouring into the barrel. The process is then finished with the bottling of the liquid that is literally topped off with Maker’s iconic (and trademarked) wax seal!

Not only do the photos capture the process of making Maker’s Mark bourbon, it also captures the essence of Maker’s Mark. The Samuels family brought their vision to fruition in the historic Burk’s Distillery. Not only is Burk’s Distillery the home of Maker’s Mark, it is also the oldest Kentucky distillery still in use (it dates back to 1805 and the current building to 1895) and is designated a US National Historic Landmark and listed on the US National Register of Historic Places. The Samuels also had the foresight to become one of the first distilleries to provide the public with tours, a fortuitous decision that eventually led to article in the Wall Street Journal in 1980. With the WSJ article, Maker’s Mark was no longer a Kentucky secret and has since been a favorite of the bourbon loving public. Somehow David Toczko manages to bring to life the many facets of Maker’s in the Ambassador of Bourbon.

The Ambassador of Bourbon is a great coffee table book. It’s a must-have for members of the Maker’s legion, bourbon hounds and booze fans. And kitties like it too!

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