Bar10der – Ten Bartending Tools In One

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Don’t want to haul your whole cocktail kit to your friend’s party, but want to be ready if duty calls? Then Bar10der is for you.  If MacGyver was a bartender, this would be his bar tool.  Bar10der packs 10 bartending tools into one tool that folds down to about 8 inches and weighs a little less than a pound. 

What’s included?

  1. Muddler
  2. Reamer
  3. Channel Knife
  4. Jigger
  5. Zester
  6. Knife
  7. Stirrer
  8. Strainer
  9. Corkscrew
  10. Bottle Opener

The bartender is well constructed of stainless steel and rubberized handles.  Like your old Swiss Army Knife, many of tools swing out from the core.  The barspoon extends another six inches, making just about the right size.   Is the bar10der going to be my go to everyday bar kit? Probably not.  Will Bar10der be my go to bar kit in situations when I’m not a home?  Definitely.  I can see using this when out an about, at a picnic, weekend car trip, camping, boating, tailgating, you name it.  

What makes this product?  The coolness factor! 

Bar10der Ten-in-One Ultimate Bartending Tool – $50

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