Irish Whiskey Cocktails For St. Patty’s Day

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There’s nothing quite like having a cocktail made with Irish whiskey for a St. Patrick’s celebration. Although there are many different types of this Irish spirit from single malt and single grain to blended, there’s definitely no mistaking the taste. Check out some of our tastiest Irish whiskey recipes to put some pep in your holiday step!

  • Proper Irish Whiskey — get things started right with a proper Irish drink.
  • Irish Apple Sauce — caramel apple liqueur makes this cocktail delicious but not too sweet.
  • Irish Appletini — this cocktails adds a little fizz with some ginger ale.
  • Irish Kilt — whiskey is so nice, this recipe uses it twice!
  • Jameson Old Fashioned — grab a sugar cube and bitters for this simple, classic cocktail.
  • Red Devil — if the idea of a sweet drink isn’t your thing, this savory cocktail is perfect for you.
  • The Pickleback — a shot of Irish whiskey followed by shot of pickle juice equals quite a kick.
  • Kaulua White Leprechaun — a cool, fresh cocktail with a sprig of mint for garnish.

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