Hey, Nice Shot!

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It’s almost Thanksgiving dinner time. Can you taste the succulent turkey on your lips, the buttery mashed potatoes caressing your palate and all of the sides and trimmings your heart desires? We’re excited to celebrate Thanksgiving every year, but even among all of the splendor spread across our dinner tables, there’s always one problem we have yet to solve – dessert!

We’ll do almost anything to make room for that slice of pie, cake or Ambrosia. But, what if you could satisfy your sweet tooth without having to make ample room the hard way? Your Thanksgiving taste buds are covered. Fill your shot glass, say cheers and just savor all of your holiday dessert favorites without having to break out the sweatpants.

  • Pumpkin Pie – with a bit of Malibu rum, Kahlua, pumpkin pie filling and a subtle crunch of graham cracker crust around the rim of your glass, you’ll have your favorite slice of heaven in one divine shot.

  • Brandy Bird – this seductive autumn shot mixes the legendary flavor of Busnel Calvados Brandy with warm American Honey Liqueur and French cognac topped by a soft kiss of whipped cream.

  • Cranberry Shooters – hold the cranberry sauce and reach for this delicious, cranberry-infused vodka with a splash of sparkling water topped with few fresh cranberries for an extra finish that will make your senses sing!

If you’re still in search of delectable Thanksgiving desserts, feast your eyes upon our beloved recipes for a tasty Apple Pie shot, a sweet Strawberry Cheesecake shot or a scrumptious Pineapple Upside Down shot. This Thanksgiving we urge you to have your cake and drink it too!

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