Essential Glassware – Highball Glass

The highball glass is an essential piece of barware as it serves the most essential of drinks, the highball. The highball glass is the workhouse of the bar world, but not as flashy as other glasses like the margarita glass. Highballs are simple drinks that consist of spirit and mixer. No cocktail party is complete with the offer and consumption of highballs.

The highball glass is a thick glass of medium height (shorter than the collins glass but taller than the old-fashioned glass). The typical highball glass holds 8–12 ounces. The thickness of the glass helps keep the highball cold. Generally, highball glasses are clear.

When using the highball glass, fill the glass almost to the rim, leaving a few inches to avoid spillage. In addition to serving highballs, the highball glass is a great glass to use for making jumbo sized boozy drinks, like the old fashion, soda, water and other beverages. These are my go-to glasses at home and we use them in a variety of ways.

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