DIY Blood Orange-Infused Vodka

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Good quality ingredients produce a good quality product, that’s why there is a good reason you have a favorite vodka. Your favorite brand doesn’t cheat you on quality, so you shouldn’t go for cheap ingredients when you decide to try out your own DIY recipes at home.

The winter season produces a lot of citrus fruits including tangerines, mandarin, oranges and grapefruit. Because fresh fruit equals fresh flavors, now is a great time to take advantage of fruits in season and try infusing your favorite vodka! Right now blood red oranges are in season and luckily I have a tree in my backyard to use for this awesome recipe. If you have a local farmers market try there first to find the blood red oranges. Otherwise, head over to your grocery store and grab some of these sweet fruits for your DIY drinking pleasure.

This recipe is so quick and easy to make that while you are making some for yourself, you could also whip up more batches as gifts!

  • Blood Orange-Infused Vodka

Your favorite Vodka 750ml bottle
4-6 Fresh blood red oranges
Glass jars with lids

Thinly slice the oranges and place them in the jar(s). Fill with Vodka and seal with lid. Gentle shake it. Let it steep for one to seven days. This is the fun part, you need to taste it every day to decide the favor intensity you desire. Then strain out the oranges. Bottle up in your orginal vodka bottle.

For additional tips check out DIY Cocktails Chapter 3.

  • Blood Orange Martinis

1-3/4oz. DIY infused Vodka
1/2oz. Triple Sec

Shake with ice. Pour into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish blood red orange slice.

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