DIY Vanilla Vodka

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Vanilla vodka is one of the tastiest and most versatile infusions you can make. Not only is it a way to put a twist on a common drink, it’s super easy! All you’ll need for to make this recipe is funnel, coffee filter and a second 750ml bottle (with cap) that has been thoroughly cleaned and re-labeled. We suggest trying this infusion in Chocolate Martini or even try making your own vanilla bourbon by using the recipe above but substituting Kentucky Bourbon in place of the vodka. 

750ml bottle of vodka (we recommend one that has a nice clean flavor that won’t compete with the vanilla)
2 vanilla beans, split lengthwise

Drop the 2 split vanilla beans into the bottle of vodka. Allow the vodka to infuse outside of direct sunlight for 1 month. Shake the bottle a couple of times each week. If you want a more intense vanilla flavor, just leave the beans in longer. Place the coffee filter inside the funnel and set the funnel into the second bottle.Slowly pour the infusion through the funnel into the second bottle.

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