Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe Roundup

margarita It isn’t Cinco de Mayo without margaritas! (OK, so it technically still would be the 5th of May. But not as fun.)

Here are some great recipes for your fiesta.

Whether it’s a classic margarita on the rocks or a frozen concoction with new flavors, it’s margarita time!

  • Classic Margarita: You can’t go wrong with the classic margarita (remember, no sour mix!).
  • Cadillac Margarita: A high-end margarita recipe with Cointreau and Grand Marnier, a reader favorite.
  • Arizona Margarita: Tasty prickly pear margarita that puts a Southwestern spin on Cinco de Mayo.
  • Agave Nectar Margarita: Twist on a traditional margarita made with agave nectar, a sweetener made from the same plant as tequila.
  • Chambord Margarita: Have some fun with a blended margarita featuring Chambord liqueur.
  • Cherry Sling Margarita: Cherry and lime make delicious friends in this margarita.

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