Black Maple Hill Bourbon Review

Black Maple Hill is a damn fine, 95-proof bourbon at a damn fine price. My friends and I call it “the one that smells like bananas,” but there’s more to it than its tropical nose.

It starts out mellow on the tongue with a bit of a sweet, fruity taste and quickly brings on a little heat to let you know that, yes, this is Kentucky bourbon you’re drinking. The result is a solid, complex bourbon that builds in flavor and intensity without overwhelming or giving too much spice.

At around $32 a bottle, it’s well-priced. Straight or in a cocktail, it delivers.

Contrary to what many blogs and online retailers say, Black Maple Hill is not distilled by Heaven Hill or Buffalo Trace. The bottle says it’s bottled by Black Maple Hill Distilling Co. (which does not appear to have a website) and distributed by CVI Brands in California (which has a bare-bones site with no further information).

I’ll let the air of mystery remain … until I take a trip to Kentucky to visit distilleries, in which case this one has to be on the list.

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Black Maple Hill @ K&L Wine Merchants
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