Death by Fire

flaming_pumpkin.gifLess than two weeks until tricks, treats and drinks. Adults have made this ghoulish holiday one of the top party days of the year, and why not. You get to dress up, play games and act like a kid, all with adult beverages.
Yes, you can still have some candy corns.

We’ve got some great Halloween Cocktails shots and punches, including This Week’s Drink – Death By Fire, a crazy shot of Goldschlager, 151 and HotDamn 100 Proof Cinnamon Schnapps. Sent in By Dee Ann. she says it’ll make a grown man cry.

Amaze your friends and learn how to make your drinks glow or create that fog effect for a punch. Check out Extreme Pumpkins for some carving tips. The totally awesome flaming pumpkin is pictured here. They have new version of my favorite, the puking pumpkin.

These next two weekends promise to be a fun-filled masquerade of cool costumes at parties, parades and bars across the country. So put together a funny out fit and get silly. Really, you deserve it!

This Week’s Drink – Death By Fire

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