WhiskeySchool.com Video Contest

whiskey.jpgWhiskyschool.com is holding a video contest. The competition is calling for people to pick up their cameras and mobile phones and start shooting a video around fine spirits such as gin, single malt, vodka, etc! We will able to watch the video as the contest entries roll in.

The winner will receive a membership in the Ladybank Company of Distillers Club (www.whisky.co.uk). Membership in this club receive 6 exclusive single malts a year for the next 50 years! Only a limited number of people are admitted to the club, what a great prize for a scotch lover. I got my camera ready.

Other prizes include some fine spirits for the runners-up in each category!

You can enter the competition by making a video, or by simply recommending one that you’ve seen elsewhere, on any spirits related topic. You can even join the panel that will work alongside viewers, and their favorites, to establish the winners.

Good luck!

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