The Season For Pear Cocktails

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Pears are in season! They have a lovely sweet flavor that can’t be beat, so mix ’em up in your cocktails.

Pears pair well with whiskey, vodka and gin. If you want to experiment with your own creation: Ginger, apples, cranberry and pomegranate all make excellent partners with pear.

Here are some fantastic pear recipes to try today:

  • Pilgrim’s Pear: A light and delicious champagne cocktail with gin and homemade pear syrup
  • Pear Sake Martini: Addictive combination of sake, fresh pear juice and dry vermouth
  • Pearaschino Bourbon Cocktail: Pear, maraschino liqueur, ginger ale and bourbon won’t let you down
  • Regal Ransom: An intriguing honey-tea-pear syrup is the star of the show
  • Archangel: Muddled pear, apple cider and walnut liqueur complement bourbon in an exciting way

For tips on how to use pear and any of your favorite ingredients in a cocktail, check out DIY Cocktails.

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