Cranberry Cocktails For the Holidays

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The time of year for cranberries is here!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and plan on celebrating without a cocktail, don’t you? (Or maybe instead of celebrating, you’ll just be coping with relatives. Either way, a cocktail is in order.) Here are some fabulous cranberry cocktails for your holiday:

  • Grateful Cranberry — This unique mixture of cranberry, honey, bourbon, green tea and ginger ale is perfect for Thanksgiving and beyond.
  • Cosmopolitan — Somehow this drink has gotten a bad rap (I blame Sex and the City), but this cocktail is a classic when made right.
  • Poinsettia — Despite a Christmas-y name, this would also be an ideal choice for a Thanksgiving champagne cocktail.
  • Stoop Party — If you get your hands on some Absolut Brooklyn, have a Stoop Party!
  • Pass the Turkey — Make this bourbon creation paired with cranberry, cider, sage and thyme and you won’t be sorry.
  • Cranberry Mint Margarita — Margaritas aren’t just for summer!

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