The Importance of Good Water

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At DOTW, we stress the importance of good water and ice. It’s key to a good life and great cocktails! In the United States, it’s something that we generally don’t have to think about. I have to admit that I grew up drinking water from a fresh aquifer in the midwest and now live in San Francisco, which is renowned for its water quality. But that amazing San Francisco water has come at a price: the destruction of the fabulously beautiful Hetch Hetchy Valley. Some say that the beauty of the Hetch Hetchy Valley was second to only Yosemite while others claimed that it exceeded the beauty of Yosemite. I can’t weigh in on the debate as the Hetch Hetchy was flooded way before my time and has been underwater for almost a hundred years. Can you imagine if we had to be able to save that fabled valley and still have refreshing water?

Generally, I don’t think about water. It’s only a concern when visiting third-world countries (fueled by my phobia of getting sick) or a city that has bad water (sorry Chicago; I love you but your water is horrible). I forget to thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to think about affordable, safe and tasty water every day.

Recently, we received a package in the mail from Clorox and it contained a few items but we were most excited about the Brita water bottle (we had used the Brita filter before but didn’t even know that they had a personal Brita bottle). Imagine having your own personal Brita filter at your fingertips and portable; just add water and drink (as you drink, the water passes through the filter). Take your Brita and you don’t have to worry about the water as much as you can filter it immediately before drinking it. Easy, portable, tasty water.

The other element of the Brita that excites me is assisting me in making ice cubes. I will admit that I have a problem making ice cubes—I get water everywhere. Now, I can take my Brita water bottle and squeeze water into the ice cube trays, which limits the mess. Making ice cubes is now a snap! And, given our specialty at DOTW, you can only imagine how much ice we make!

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