Brugal 1888 Rum Review

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This week has been the week of Brugal rum for us—an intensive tasting and then a soirée. We can’t say that we minded as it gave us a couple of opportunities to try this outstanding new entrant into the rum market.

Brugal 1888 is the newest offering from Brugal Rums, a distillery out of the Dominican Republic, that was interestingly enough founded in 1888. Brugal 1888 isn’t your ordinary rum; as Brugal proclaims, this is a rum for scotch drinkers and they are right. Brugal 1888 is made from rum that has gone through two aging processes: First, the rum ages in American oak barrels for five to eight years and then undergoes a second aging for two to four years in used sherry barrels. For all of you scotch drinkers, notice any similarities (hint, hint, the used sherry barrels)? This makes the rum unique with distinct rum characteristics (although Brugal is on the dry, woody side of the rum spectrum to begin with) overlayed with toasty, nutty sherry tones.

The Brugal 1888 was a clear with a dark amber to brown color with reddish highlights (clearly showing the influence of the wood on the rum). On the nose, the Brugal 1888 had a complex aroma that was influenced by the woods and there were notes of dried fruit (apricot, raisins, figs), chocolate, vanilla, caramel, almonds and a toasted note. On the palate, the rum had a smooth, viscous quality with notes of dried fruit (apricot, raisins, figs), vanilla, caramel and toasted almonds. The influence of the sherry was more pronounced in the mouth than on the nose.

When trying the Brugal, try it neat or on the rocks. If you really must mix it, try it in an Old Fashion, Manhattan, Sidecar or Blood and Sand. You could use it as a scotch substitute with a twist!

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