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Essential Glassware – Red Wine

A red-wine glass is an essential ingredient for your home bar. Not only is a red wine glass essential for the consumption of vino, it’s also one of the go-to glasses to serve the current en vogue pre-Prohibition era cocktails, as well as sangria and fruit based cocktails.

While red wine glasses come in a number of styles, they start around nine ounces, average 12 to 14 ounces and go much larger. Red-wine glasses have … Read more

Essential Glassware – White Wine

White wine glasses are an essential ingredient for your home bar. Not only is a white wine glass essential for the consumption of white wine, it can also be used to serve up sangria, fruit based cocktails and water.

While white wine glasses come in a number of styles, they are start around eight ounces, average 10 ounces and go slightly larger. White wine glasses have a round bowl with a narrow mouth that enables … Read more

Green Sangria

If you’re looking for something a little different for St. Patrick’s Day, this green sangria is a nice change of pace.… Read more

Hump Day Liquor Links

Random drinking links? Yep, we got that.

    The Famous Grouse becomes a bit more famous. Eatocracy shares its guide to stocking your bar for a happy, sane holiday. Flying is getting boozier at the airport and in the air. Tipsy Wine Testing Glass. The stories behind 11 famous cocktails. A gift guide for the serious imbiber from, well, Serious Eats. More random drinking facts from Alcademics. Alcoholic whipped cream. What can we say? What? Anyone?
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Hump Day Liquor Links

This week’s links from around the web.

    Appoliciuos highlights five clever cocktail apps. Beam me up Scotchie. Star Trek cocktails from Geeks are Sexy. Uncrate’s go a hold of the new Adult Chocolate Milk. Uh, where’s our bottle? Michigan bans Four Loko and other alcoholic energy drinks. Gregory Dal Piaz breaks down the 12 Types of Wine Lovers.
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Park Avenue Princess

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Kentucky Champagne Cocktail

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Wine Bottle Thermometer

There are so many fun gadgets associated with drinking! Here’s a fun one for the wine geeks — a wine bottle thermometer.

It has markings for the optimal serving temperature for different varieties of wine. So no more wondering how cold that Gewurtztraminer should be.

And, hey, it’s a lot cheaper than buying a special wine fridge!

Wine Bottle Thermometer @ Crate and Barrel… Read more

Candy Corn

Halloween means one thing, OK, maybe more that one thing, but one is certainly candy! And what is the most popular? Candy corn.

Invented in the 1880s at the Wunderle Candy Company, candy corn os meant to mimic a whole kernel of corn. Today candy companies produce nearly 35 million pounds of the corn candy each year.

How big is candy corn? So big it needs it’s own day, so as not compete with Halloween. … Read more

Auditions for “The Winemakers” Reality TV Series Set in France

Got what it takes to be a winemaker? Want to create your own national wine label? Then audition for the Public Television series “The Winemakers” for a chance to go to Rhone, France and prove yourself.

Auditions will be held July 27 in San Francisco and August 3 in New York. If you can’t make it to either of those, you can upload a two-minute video audition which will be judged by popular vote.


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