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The national drink of Brazil!… Read more

Island Cooler

Refreshing as the trade winds!… Read more

Kahlúa Shake

A great after-dinner treat!… Read more

Anna’s Summer Shot

Thanks, Anna!… Read more

Lucid Frappe

It’s Friday, how about some absinthe? Here’s a few fun facts from Lucid.

1. It’s legal! And has been since 2007. Lucid (and Viridian Spirits) lobbied the US government to lift the 95-year ban and now absinthe is sold in all 50 states.

2. Contrary to popular belief, absinthe doesn’t make you hallucinate. This is a popular absinthe myth and is 100% false. Of course, consuming any spirit (especially one with an extraordinarily high proof) … Read more

Cherry Patriot

Courtesy of Skyy Vodka.… Read more

Modern Margarita

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The Prickly Margarita

Courtesy of Cabo Wabo Tequila.… Read more

The 56 Julep

The 56 Julep With over 56 years making fine Kentucky Bourbon, Jimmy Russell, Master Distiller of Wild Turkey knows his mint juleps.

Churro Margarita

February 22 is National Margarita Day, so of course we’re gonna have a margarita recipe this week. Sure,  this isn’t a “traditional” margarita, but who doesn’t like churros? The tequila blends well with the Licor 43 and Irish Creme, replacing lime juice and Tuaca is nice substitute for triple sec.

Ever wonder where the Margarita came from?

Though we may never be sure of its true origin. The most popular anecdote claims that Carlos “Danny” … Read more

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