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This Week’s Drink – Apple Berry Crush

This just in from Melissa! Apple schnapps, raspberry schnapps, vodka — WOW!¬†Can’t wait to cool off with this Crush.

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World Cup Shots

It is time once again for soccer or football as the rest of the world call it. This time we are in Germany , and you know what that means? Yes, Jagermeister! Although, I think we over here are the sucker who down most of this awful cough syrup.

For some reason, I loved it in college, but that was a long time ago. Jager is just to heavy, too sweet. It definately needs the … Read more

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Drink of the Week – X-Rated Flirtini

Sweet and sexy. X-Rated makes a premium vodka and a Alize like passion fruit liqueur.

Can’t wait to give this one a try once I get my hands on a bottle.
on to the drink…
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Drink of the Week – Cryptonite

This week’s drink is made with Everglo, a new liqueur from Holland made with vodka, tequila, ginsing and caffine. Fuck ya – this stuff has everything and it’s NEON GREEN. Can anyone say clubbin’! This was sent over by Tara at CyberNY, the makers Everglo’s cool website. Thanks, and hook us up;) on to the drink…… Read more

Glamour Liqueur

They say it is a tropical fruit liqueur made with mangoes, papaya, passion friut and peaches. They sent us a drink recipe, but no bottle. ūüôĀ

At least they have a pretty bottle and pretty girl on their website. If anyone knows how it tastes, let us know.


1/4 parts Glamour liqueur
1/8 parts vodka
5/8 parts cider (pear or apple)
8-12 dashes lemon juice… Read more

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Everybody’s Irish

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Drink of the Week – Italian Coffee


1 oz amaretto
1 cup black coffee
Whipped cream


Add to Amaretto to a coffee cup or footed mug, mix in Coffee. Top with whipped cream.… Read more

Navy Seal

Thanks, Kasandra!… Read more

Tropical Explosion

Prize winner at the Bell & Hand, Boston:


    1 oz Southern Comfort
    1 oz Stoli Raspberry
    1 oz Stoli Orange
    Pineapple juice


Combine¬†liquor¬†in a pint glass filled with ice. Fill with pineapple juice.… Read more


Q: I’m thinking about buying some absinthe. I’d like to know what it tastes like, bitter?

A: Absinthe tastes of anise‚ÄĒthink black licorice.… Read more