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Crème de Cacao

Q: What is white crème de cacao?

A: Crème de cacao is distilled from cacao (chocolate) beans. It gives the flavor of slightly roasted chocolate. Crème de cacao comes in both a dark and white (clear) variations. If a recipe calls just for crème de cacao use white crème de cacao.

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Crème de Noyaux

Q: What is crème de noyaux?

A: Crème de noyaux is an almond-flavored liqueur made from fermented peach & apricot pits. It is typically red in color.

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Q: What is B & B Liqueur

A: In the 1930s, a barman from the famous Club Twenty One in New York dreamt up a blend of Benedictine and Brandy. This new drink was instantly successful, and was called B&B.

More on B & B and Benedictine.
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Sex on the Beach

Q: How do you make a Sex on the Beach?

A: There are versions of this popular shooter, the East Coast and West Coast version.… Read more

Hpnotiq Review

Q: I’ve heard of a new drink called Hypnotic. Do you know what’s in this?

A: Hpnotiq is a blend of premium French vodka, cognac and tropical fruit juices. Yum!… Read more

Gin vs. Sloe Gin

Q: What is the difference in taste, composition, etc. between sloe gin and regular gin?

A: Sloe Gin is a liqueur made from the sloe berry, while gin is an alcohol distilled from grain and flavored with juniper berries. The alcohol content of Gin is much greater than that of Sloe Gin and Gin is clear in color while Sloe Gin is red.… Read more

Triple Sec & Cointreau

Q: Please tell me the flavors of Cointreau and Triple Sec.

A: Triple sec is orange in flavor; Cointreau is a specific brand of premium triple sec. Getting their flavor from curaçao oranges, triple sec is also referred to as white (clear) curaçao.

Also see blue curaçao!


Q: Do current absinthe drinks (made in the US) really include absinthe? Isn’t this illegal in the US? I am wondering since in New Orleans there are drinks such as the Absinthe Suissesse and the Absinthe Frappe. Do these include substituted ingredients?

A: Absinthe is illegal in the US and much if the world. It is only legal in Spain, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. They make a liquor that they call absinthe … Read more

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