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American Beauty Shot

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All American Blue


It is almost July 4th already. SKYY sent us this cocktail help keep you cool.


    2 oz SKYY vodka
    1 oz blue curaçao
    2 oz white grape juice
    Splash of soda


Pour all ingredients except soda in a shaker and shake hard. Pour into a highball glass with the ice and garnish with a lime or green apple slice.

Courtesy of SKYY Vodka. 
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Jimmy Russell’s Mint Julep

I had the pleasure to meet Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell at this past Fall’s whiskeyfest. Jimmy is a true legend in bourbon distilling, having been at it for 54 years. One thing Jimmy has learned in his years is that the perfect cocktail for the Kentucky Derby is the Mint Julep. 

With 54 Derbies under his belt, Russell’s Julep has been precisely refined. He uses his higher proof of Wild Turkey 101, which … Read more

Navy Seal

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